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Benefits of buying services

View video below or click to download the Factsheet –  Benefits for agencies


The GovDC Marketplace supports the public sector transition to ICT as-a-Service:

  • ICT costs can more closely match the demand for ICT services
  • ICT staff can focus on enhancing agency service delivery and business outcomes
  • The modular architecture of the GovDC Marketplace enables faster provisioning of new ICT services
  • The multi-tenant environment encourages secure and efficient collaboration between public bodies
  • Public bodies with special capabilities can share services and information with other public bodies.

Providing buyer choice

GovDC enables the choice of ICT services from the GovDC Marketplace, or from external cloud providers. The GovDC Marketplace has been designed to make it easier to address data sovereignty, security and reliability issues. As the GovDC Marketplace matures, competition will encourage innovation and push down the cost of ICT services. This will also enable smaller agencies to leverage whole of government economies of scale.

What does GovDC mean for the Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

  • It releases the CIO (especially those from smaller agencies) from the hardware world. You can work on your organisation’s strategic IT management confident of the best available price and reliability for your data centre. You can expand later, within a short time-frame.
  • The government cloud brings the latest tools and service offerings to agencies on a cost per usage basis, minimising the risk of committing to a technology and being left behind by the industry.
  • Operational cost is lower, flexibility is greater – you have more ability to adapt services to your needs and satisfy your stakeholders.
  • You can budget confidently, knowing what it will cost to use a service, thanks to the transparency of services charges.  If a provider tries to push up prices unreasonably, they put at risk their whole government supply operation (including their sunk costs in establishing a presence in the data centre).  That moves the negotiating control back to the CIO.
Electricity costs will be halved for many agencies using the new data centres, and they will benefit from increased levels of security and connectivity.

The NSW Government’s move into two new state-of-the-art next generation data centres at Silverwater and Illawarra will allow it to take advantage of:

  • Innovation: The key innovation is the modular approach to data centre construction. Revolutionary cooling, combined with modular design and construction, has brought greener, more economically efficient data centres to the marketplace.
  • Reliability: Maintained 100% uptime in our five Generation 1 facilities since operations commenced in 2002. Awarded Tier III Accreditation by the Uptime Institute, for both facility design and construction..
  • Energy efficiency: Based on the BladeRoom™ data centre system, our new high density data centres achieve an unprecedented level of energy efficiency, with annual PUE performance expected to reach 1.2 or lower, compared to industry norms of 2.0 or more. The data centres will also be rated under NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) to benchmark and track performance. We are committed to achieving a minimum 5 star rating.
  • Flexibility: Cabinets can accommodate power densities up to 30kW. The modern design of the data centre allows for multiple 30kW density cabinets to be used in contiguous and adjacent positions without the need for customised cooling solutions.
  • Security: Entry points at our facilities are controlled by swipe card or biometric readers and are alarmed and monitored by video surveillance. Separate secure foyers are used to log the entrance into the data centre security zone. CCTV is used extensively at all sites and is monitored from centrally located security control rooms. There is a custom level of security for Government, with enhanced security measures and 24-hour guards.