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eTendering: The NSW eTendering website (tenders.nsw.gov.au) provides information about business opportunities listed by NSW Government agencies that utilise the site.

GovDC Marketplace: The ecosystem within the GovDC data centres at Silverwater and Illawarra which enables ICT-Service providers to easily do business with public bodies.

IaaS/PaaS/SaaS: Infrastructure/Platform/Software as-a-Service

ICT Service Catalogue: One of the NSWBuy eCatalogues at catalogues.buy.nsw.gov.au providing easy access to the ICT Services Scheme as well as supplier websites, fact sheets, etc.

ICT Services Scheme: This is a panel of prequalified suppliers providing a range of ICT solutions to public bodies.

NABERS: National Australian Built Environment Rating System.

NSWBuy eCatalogues: A web based catalogue enabling easy searching of items available under the NSW Governments supply arrangements at catalogues.buy.nsw.gov.au.

Procurepoint: A website provided by NSW Government Procurement to support public sector procurement.

Public body: Includes NSW Government, private hospitals, local councils, non-profit organisations, private schools, universities, Commonwealth public authorities, any State or Territory agency, or a contractor in its capacity for the public body.