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GovDC Resources

Service Desk

The Service Desk operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide technical and operational support to public bodies (tenants) and service providers. The Service Desk provides a single point of contact for any issue resolution, as well as convenient and efficient support around the clock.  The Service Desk can be contacted as follows:

Phone:   1300 GOV DC1 (1300 468 321)
Email:    servicedesk@govdc.nsw.gov.au


Accelerate Program

The Data Centre Accelerate Program aims to bring forward agency uptake of the GovDC facilities, enabling early realisation of the substantial benefits associated with use of the whole of government facilities. The Program enables rapid adoption of economical shared services and cloud models, supporting faster migrations into the new data centres with less risk. The outcomes will increase ICT efficiency and reliability, encourage rationalisation and consolidation, and reduce costs, at the ‘whole of government’ level.
To achieve the objectives, the Program provides shared infrastructure and services (swing kit), a migration decanting service (centralised equipment and expertise), and network services (shared network links and other services available through the ‘services backbone’).

GovDC - Accelerate Program Data Centres


We can arrange data centre tours for groups of 10 people.  Tours take approximately an hour and to book one you need to contact the GovDC team.

GovDC - Tours Data Centre