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GovDC Team

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000 
Derek Paterson Director, GovDC and Marketplace Services
Andrew Vass Portfolio Director
Kieran Deale Manager, Security and Risk
Natasha Wolf Manager, Marketplace Services
Lindsay Gordon-Smith Commercial and Contracts Manager
Leanne Robilotta Senior Business Analyst
Mike Brownlow Contract Manager
Ahteshmuddin Khaja (AK) Chief Finance and Commercial Officer
Eva Guo Administration Manager
Mario Medulla Operations Manager
Michael Counter Senior Project Officer
Rodolphe Nassar Senior Data Centre Analyst
Melina Scaltrito GovDC Project Support
Ann Turner Program Director, Identity Hub
Johan Nades Principal Project Lead
Trent Carslake Project Communications Manager
Michela Sanderson Business Analyst
Rachel Simmons Project Coordinator
Tim Fitzgerald ID Hub Business Lead
Rene Prochnow Project Manager