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How do buyers join?

View video below or click to download the Factsheet –  How agencies can migrate to GovDC


  • For a smaller agency:  Take advantage of our Accelerate Program to help fund qualified independent consultants to assist you. Or you can do it yourself, and budget for the minimum committed load.
  • For a larger agency:  The GovDC Team can provide guidelines, templates and frameworks that you can modify or adapt to your needs. You can choose to migrate all at once, or do it progressively.

Agencies get certainty from signing our Memorandum of Understanding, which agrees on the minimum capacity you need and outlines the terms and conditions of GovDC, and and the costs.

Once migrated, your infrastructure is sharing floor space and any common infrastructure, but operating independently under your control (using our remote management portal). This means you have full control over what you do and yet still enjoy the cost and environmental benefits, plus physical security, provided at GovDC.

GovDC - Typical Migration image

If you are planning to start fresh, you can purchase fully managed services from inside GovDC. This can avoid significant capital expenditure and provide greater flexibility to add and change services.

Of course, there is also the hybrid option, where you bring your infrastructure in, and choose from services provided by GovDC Marketplace providers. This could allow you to retain direct control of critical or agency-specific components whilst taking advantage of commodity ICT services in other areas.

Migrating from your old data centre needs to be completed by August 2017 and the GovDC team is here to support you. Contact us and we can meet with you and help you get the benefits from GovDC sooner.