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How do sellers join?

View video below or click to download the Factsheet –  How ICT businesses can join GovDC Marketplace


Here is a summary of steps you can take to be business ready in the GovDC Marketplace.


Step Result
a. Apply to be on the ICT Services Scheme Ability to do business with NSW Government agencies and other public bodies
b. Submit your contact details to GovDC using DCR104 EOI You join the list interested in doing business in GovDC
c. Sign Non Disclosure Agreement We can discuss technical and commercial details.
d. Sign sub-licence IaaS providers can move into GovDC Marketplace racks
e. Apply to sub-category C03, C04 or C05 Ability to offer ICT as-a-Service in the GovDC Marketplace and use Logo
f. Add further information to the ICT Service Catalogue on NSWBuy More information about your services is available to potential customers


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  1. The ICT Services Pre-Qualification Scheme (SCM0020) is the new model for public bodies to procure ICT services. It uses the Procure IT Contract (V3.1) which allows a variety of procurement methods, such as ICT-as-a-Service (Module 10) and Managed Services (Module 12). To apply, go to procurepoint.nsw.gov.au and search “ICT services” (Helpdesk 1800-679-289).
  2. This single page form enables GovDC to contact you about news and developments in the GovDC Marketplace. You can complete this step at tenders.nsw.gov.au by searching “DCR104“.
  3. NDA emailed on request if DCR104 is completed.
  4. The Sub-licence is a tenancy agreement for a minimum of 8kW of rack-space (4kW per 800mm rack assumed). The minimum contract term is two years.
  5. Specific sub-categories of the ICT Services Scheme are defined for services delivered from the GovDC Marketplace. These sub-categories include C03 (SaaS), C04 (PaaS) and C05 (IaaS). After service providers update their listing in the ICT Services Scheme for these sub-categories they can offer SaaS/ PaaS/IaaS in the GovDC Marketplace and use the GovDC Marketplace Service Provider Logo.

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To add additional information such as websites and factsheets to your entry on NSWBuy, go to procurepoint.nsw.gov.au and search “PSX toolset” (Helpdesk 1800-679-289).

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Companies who sign the sub-licence pay these fees: