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May 2016 : Metronode Case Study - NSW Government
Metronode established benchmarks with this project that have set the standard for the rest of the industry. NSW Government was first to specify a Tier III certification, first to specify a NABERS energy rating, which Metronode now does as standard for all its facilities and was first to attain NABERS 4.5 star data centre rating. Metronode’s enterprises customers can get security/reliability that is of a government standard.
Video - Derek Paterson, Director GovDC and Marketplace Services


February 2016 : GovDC Silverwater achieves 4.5 stars NABERS rating

In February 2016, the Silverwater data centre was officially recognised for a 4.5 star NABERS rating, for the first stage data hall. The NSW Government Resource Efficiency Policy, released by Minister Stokes in July 2014, set this energy efficiency target. All existing government data centres must be rated at a minimum of 4.5 stars by June 2017 and if this cannot be achieved must move the equipment to GovDC.

GovDC has an energy efficient design using free air cooling which can deliver 5 star efficiency. To be rated at 4.5 star, with a measurement period that includes fairly low levels of utilisation, is a major achievement. This is the first data centre in Australia to be rated above 4 stars.


OCTOBER 2015 : Second Data Hall at Unanderra

The second data hall of the Illawarra Data Centre, south west of Wollongong, was opened in October 2015. At the official opening the Secretary of the NSW Department of Finance Services and Innovation (DFSI), Marin Hoffman congratulated the GovDC team on the achievement, which sees the Uptake by all NSW Government clusters and a commitment to utilisation of up to 90% of available space.  Martin also congratulated Josh Griggs the Managing Director of Metronode who achieved a Tier III Certification of Operational Sustainability– Gold. This is the highest level of operational sustainability for a data centre. Metronode is the first Data Centre to achieve this certification in Asia Pacific and now have two (Silverwater and Unanderra) of their 11 global data centres in this category of excellence.

Secretary DFSI, at the Opening of the second data Hall, Unanderra October 2015

Martin Hoffman Secretary of the NSW DFSI congratulates Josh Griggs the Managing Director of Metronode on achieving a Tier III Certification of Operational Sustainability– Gold. View video below of the speakers and presentations at the opening event.

AUGUST 2014 : Second data hall at Silverwater

A second data hall at Silverwater was opened by Minister Perrottet on 15 August 2014. It was at this opening that GovDC was presented with the Brill Award for efficient IT by the internationally recognised Uptime Institute.

GovDC - Silverwater Data Centre image

JULY 2014 : ISO 27001:2013 Certification

The GovDC Data Centre Reform Team is pleased to announce the successful recommendation of the ISO 27001:2013 certification of Silverwater and Unanderra data centres by standards body “BSI”. GovDC is now the first government agency to achieve the updated and more rigorous accreditation than superceded, ISO 27001:2005. The benefits from the ISO 27001:2013 certification are considerable. These standards help ensure that our security risks are effectively managed, and our adherence to the standard is a valuable assurance to agencies and service providers in the GovDC Marketplace. ISO 27001:2013 plays a very important role in monitoring, review, maintenance and improvement of our information security management system and will provide our agencies and the industry greater confidence in all the ways they interact with GovDC.

GovDC - BSI Certification image

MARCH 2014 : GovDC wins international award for data centre excellence

The Uptime Institute has announced that GovDC has won the Brill Awards for Efficient IT. The use of the BladeRoom technology reaped significant benefits in design, construction flexibility, and energy efficiency. GovDC has been invited to the winners symposium, being held 20-22 May in Santa Clara, California. Click on this link to see the how GovDC is being noticed overseas.

GovDC -Uptime Brill Awards for Efficient IT


The second Data Centre is in the Illawarra region, south west of Wollongong. This Data Centre was delivered on schedule on Friday 30 August 2013, and on budget.

GovDC - Illawarra Data Centre

JULY 2013 : Silverwater Data Centre

The Silverwater Data Centre was delivered on time and on budget to the NSW Government on 19 July 2013. The facility was officially opened by the NSW Minister for Finance and Services, Hon. Andrew Constance MP, on Friday 9 August 2013. This Data Centre boasts the prestigious Tier III Accreditation from the Uptime Institute. This provides GovDC customers with world best practice and rigorous global standards for data centres.

GovDC - Silverwater Data Centre 1

MAY 2012  : Contract Awarded

A comprehensive procurement process resulted in the NSW Government entering into a $182 million contract with Nextgen Group subsidiary, Metronode, for data centre capacity, with the contract coming into effect in May 2012.

GovDC - Data Centres