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NSW Identity Hub (ID-Hub)

The NSW Identity Hub (ID-Hub) simplifies access to ICT systems by enabling a single login for all systems and information. Hosted in the NSW Government’s data centres (GovDC), the ID-Hub reduces the number of identity and access management projects across the sector and uses sector-wide scale to reduce the per-user cost of identity management.


GovDC - Without ID-Hub diagram

The ID-Hub allows users to request access directly to applications that are available through the Hub, thereby reducing the number of manual processes required to provision access and reducing time to access business critical applications. The ID-Hub login is based on the NSW Government employee number (GEN). The GEN has been introduced by the Public Service Commission to enable easier career mobility across the sector, yet retaining employment benefits.


GovDC - With ID-Hub diagram

The benefits of the ID-Hub include:

  • Quick Access to cross-sector applications
  • Fewer usernames and passwords
  • Reduced fragmentation of identity management systems
  • Reduced number of calls to helpdesks
  • Improved security to applications and information
  • Improved collaboration with other agencies

Here is a Factsheet on the Identity Hub:  NSW Identity Hub (ID-Hub)