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Services Backbone

Modular, scalable and secure

The architecture of GovDC is based on connectivity via the Services Backbone, which provides a multi-tenancy environment for agencies and service providers. At both data centres the Services Backbone includes a production environment and a development/test environment and these are connected using the 10Gbps dual fibre ring.

GovDC - Services Backbone


Common Services

To reduce the costs of equipment purchases and implementation time the Services Backbone includes these common services available at a modest monthly fee:

Firewall as-a-Service (FaaS): FaaS enables communication across the Services Backbone connected infrastructure, networks and applications. FaaS includes DMZ Virtual firewalls and IPD Virtual Firewalls at 1GB, 4GB, and 10GB. FaaS is available as either shared or dedicated.

Internet Gateway as-a-Service (IGaaS): The base IGaaS package is a shared service and includes basic FaaS with the option of dedicated connections to ISPs.

Network as-a-Service (NaaS): NaaS provides resilient network connectivity to other common services and serves as a communication channel. The base NaaS package provides two protected 1Gbps services at each site and inter-site connectivity with layer 2 and layer 3 options.

Remote Access Service (RAS): RAS provides secure encrypted communications with partners as well as remote users, using IPSec, RA VPN and IPSec Site to Site VPN links.

Network Time Protocol as-a-Service (NTPaaS): NTPaaS protects against manipulated time and man-in-the-middle attacks and verifies that NTP packets were received from an authorised source. NTPaaS delivers a stratum-3 service synchronised to a stratum-0 device through GPS.

Standard Connectivity Packages

Marketplace Connect (for small to medium agencies): Includes secure connectivity to the GovDC Marketplace at either GovDC Silverwater or GovDC Illawarra:

  • 2 x 1GE aggregation ports;
  • 5 x virtual networks (VLAN’s);
  • Redundant Virtual Firewall (small);
  • Connectivity to GovDC Market Place.

Services Backbone Base (for medium to large agencies): Includes secure connectivity to the GovDC Marketplace at both GovDC Silverwater and GovDC Illawarra:

  • 2 x 1GE aggregation ports at both GovDCs;
  • 1Gbps shared Datacentre Interconnect;
  • 5 x virtual networks (VLAN’s);
  • Redundant Virtual Firewall at each site (medium);
  • Connectivity to GovDC Market Place.

*Service Options     

Also available from GovDC Marketplace

FaaS Yes No
IGaaS Yes No
NaaS Yes No
RAS Yes Yes
NTPaaS     No Yes

*Options are available to suit traffic volume, size of organisation, or service level requirements.


A concentric security architecture manages traffic and access using a series of domains and zones:

  • Internal Domain: This is the protected domain containing compute and storage resources as well as applications.
  • DMZ Domain: This externally facing domain confirms identity and trust for access to protected internal zones.
  • External Domain: This domain provides a common interaction point to consumeexternal cloud services.
  • Admin Domain: This domain provides privileged user access to configure and manage protected zones, including authentication, encryption and DNS services.

GovDC - Services backbone, security


GovDC has been designed to achieve the following standards and certification:

Here is a Factsheet on the: ​GovDC Services Backbone