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Significance of GovDC

Unique in Australia

GovDC is the first data centre and cloud environment in Australia built specifically to meet the needs of public bodies. GovDC addresses the needs of public bodies to:

  • Achieve more value from limited funds
  • Provide a more reliable, secure and flexible environment
  • Offer the benefits of large scale data centres with cloud services

GovDC - Improve efficiency, Reduce electricity, Consumption, Lower CO2 emmission

The challenge

The key challenge has been to move government ICT away from the traditional public sector silos towards consolidation, collaboration and a much reduced life-cycle cost.

The benefits

Lower ICT costs and improved reliability means government service delivery costs can be reduced, which helps all taxpayers. Also the new technology platform is transforming service delivery to citizens, for example, OneGov automated transactions and the new Service NSW shop lounges. GovDC will provide:

  • known and transparent costs into the future (up to 15 years into the future!)
  • improved technical and operational standards (Brill award from the Uptime Institute)
  • modern, certified facilities which improve reliability (ISO 27001, revised 2013)
  • and a more ecological use of resources (operating to highest NABERS standard).

GovDC - Challenges and benefits