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GovDC uses state-of-the-art datacentre technology with the following features:

  • Building Blocks: Bladerooms are pre-engineered modular data centres which are built and tested off-site.​
  • Environmental control: Cooling is achieved using highly filtered fresh air with the evaporation of water from a wetted matrix material. Backup mechanical cooling is also provided.
  • Power supplies: The busbar system eliminates large lengths of cable running from the UPS switchboards to each rack and allows simple and standard “plug and play” connections to racks without the need to interrupt supply.A modular UPS system was selected to meet energy efficiency targets.
  • Other facilities: The build room is available to configure and test equipment before installation. Conference and meeting rooms are also available on site.
  • Physical Security: Physical security is based on multiple security levels to provide a “defence in depth approach”. There are six security zones from the external perimeter through to the Bladeroom data halls.

GovDC - Technical Datacentre Technology Features

Network Connectivity

 A fibre ring has been installed over diverse paths between the two GovDC data centres at Silverwater and Illawarra. This inter-data centre connection provides for geographically diverse disaster recovery, data migration, and synchronous replication with less than 1.3ms delay. GovDC is carrier neutral and has a third party carrier room, in which carriers can install points of presence (from diverse physical routes) and network interconnects.

GovDC - Technical Network