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Who can sell services?

IaaS within the GovDC Marketplace are currently offered by:

PaaS/SaaS within the GovDC Marketplace are currently offered by:

GovDC - Selling Services 'as-a-Service'


This is a list of companies that have submitted an expression of interest to offer services in GovDC and have subsequently signed a non-disclosure agreement for discussions to offer services in GovDC:

AAPT, Accentue Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, Adroit Management Group P/L, Alphawest Services Pty Ltd, Aritis Group, ASG Group Limited, ASI Solutions (Anabelle Bits Pty. Ltd), Attwise Pty Ltd (NueForm Pty Ltd), Auburn City Council, Avante IT Pty Ltd, Avantex , Azuron Pty Ltd, BAL Consulting Pty Ltd, BizRelationship Pty Ltd, Brennan Voice and Data, BridgePoint Communications , BSR Solutions , Capgemini Australia , Central Data Networks , Certatech Holdings PL ATF, Cisco , Computer Networks , CountryTell , CS Technology, CSC Australia Pty Ltd, Data 3 , Datacom Systems , Dataline , Dell Australia Pty Ltd, Dimension Data , DWS, EMC , Enosys Solutions Pty Ltd, Ethan Group, ExpertTech, Firstwave Technology , Forge Data Solutions , Fujitsu , Full Extent , Gammer Group P/L, Green Light Pty Ltd , HCL Australia Services Pty Ltd, Hostworks, HP , Huawei Technologies (Australia) P/L, IBM, ICM Consulting Pty Ltd, Industrie IT Pty Ltd, Infoplex, Intech Solutions , Intersect, IPFX Pty Ltd , IPP Consulting , IPP Technoligies (Partnership Emerson Network Power & Jet-Cloud), Plush Hosting, IPscape , iQ3, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, Law in Order, Logica Australia Pty Ltd, Logicalis, Merewyn Partners Pty Ltd, Nakisa, National Technical Services Pty Ltd , NEC Australia , Network Synergy Corporation (Rackcorp), NTT Communications , Oakton Services Pty Ltd, Offis Pty Ltd, Oxygen Business Solutions Pty Ltd, Pacnet , Permeance Technologies, Ping Identity Corporation, Policy Point , ProGalore Pty Ltd, Rackspace Hosting Australia Pty Ltd, Redback Conferencing Pty Ltd, Regal Information Technology, Resolve Software Group Pty Ltd, Ricoh Australia , SAP Australia Pty LTD , Secure Logic Pty Ltd, Selera Labs Pty Ltd, Sinefa , Skillsapien Pty Ltd, Software Engineering Asia Pacific , Tardis Services Pty Ltd (now Meridian IT), TCS, Teleporter PTY LTD (Work Division), Telstra , Teradata, Triforce Services Australia Pty Ltd, UNISYS, Unit4 Business Software, UXC Connect Pty Limited, UXC Eclipse, VM Tech, VoIP, WIPRO, Wynyard (Australia) Pty Ltd, ZettaGrid Pty Ltd.

GovDC - Selling Services company image

This is a list of companies that have submitted an expression of interest to offer services in GovDC:

Anderson Corporation, Axios Systems , CAI , CERNER, Fastlane (Asia Pacific) Consulting Pty Ltd, FlowConnect , Hitachi Data Systems , Kensler , Livepro Australia , Loop Technology Pty Ltd, Northgate Public Services , Optical Terminations , Oracle , Oxygen8 Communications Australia Pty Ltd, Pitney Bowes Software, Rite-Way Professional Business Services Pty Ltd, SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd, SMS Consulting Group Limited, Steensen Varming, Tape Management Services Pty Ltd, TechnologyOne, Telca, Wise Ideas , Yor Pty Ltd,